Gedix Atege - Skul Mangi (Music Video) MP3 & MP4

Gedix Atege - Skul Mangi (Music Video)

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Published: November 17, 2017

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Gedix Atege’s 'Skul Mangi' can be found in his first album recorded with the CHM Supersound Studio.

Through this album Gedix expresses issues of life through his songs such as “Long Taim Friend”, “Mama” and “Singsing Kundu” just a few named from this great album. Other notable tracks include traditional song “Sikando” and popular hit single “Skul Mangi”.

The songs are sung in a mixture of languages including Pidgin, Aroma, Arove, Kuanua and Gabadi.

⚡ CHM Supersound ⚡

Produced by CHM Supersound Studio
Audio Engineer: Dika Dai & George Luff

Track Listing:
1. Skul Mangi
2. Sikando
3. Pilai Mosa
4. Vaisi
5. Raramani
6. Go Na Lukim
7. Mama
8. Pes Nogut
9. Vaisi
10. Kundu Singsing
11. Skul Mangi
12. Long Taim Fren
13. Go Na Lukim
14. Raramani